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Green Hills Sportsmen's Club

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Upcoming Events and meeting minutes

This section will be updated to announce any upcoming or special events.

The next monthly meeting will be held on 16 Sep at 0900. Meetings are always held the 3rd Sunday of every month.

Meeting minutes

The Club will hold the open house event (Field Day), on 16 Sep 2018. The intent is to have the club facilities open to the public, charge a nominal fee, and provide guns and ammo for people to shoot. With that being said, we have some cleanup that needs to be accomplished. Some of the members have been doing a great job accomplishing maintenance and painting, but we plan on doing some cleanup and maintenance after the July and August meetings if anyone has some time they would like to donate. We are also looking for members to donate guns to be used at the event. We would like anyone willing to donate their gun, to be present to help and oversee the use of the gun. The club will pay for ammunition, but we need a list of members that would be willing to use their guns for the event. We are also going to need safety personnel to oversee the activities. The plan is to have food and beverages available for sale. We will need volunteers to cook and take care of the food. We will have sign up in the club house for the attendees and they will need to sign a waiver. Again for this event to be a success, we are going to need volunteers. The club will be sending out postcards in Aug to all of the members, so they are aware of the event. If you are interested in helping at the event or donating a gun for the event, please come to the meetings in Jul and Aug or email me using the club e-mail address on the contact page.

No Club clean up day have been established a we have been cleaning up and making repairs after each of the meetings. As discussed above, this coming Sunday the 12th and Monday the 13 of Aug will be used to lay mulch and get the poles up behind the pistol range. The range is closed both days. If you are available Sunday, please show up after 9:00 am. We need hoes, rakes, pitchforks and a chainsaw if you plan to help out and can bring one of these items with you to spread the mulch. Monday we just need one person to be available to oversee the installation of the poles. It would just be for accountability on the club's part to have someone available.

For those  those members who would like to use the mail system to get there new memberships please use the following address:
57 Carnis Drive
Mohnton, Pa. 19540
Also, if  you are mailing it in please send a self addressed stamped envelope. It makes the turn around time much quicker and the club does not incur the cost of postage.
Initial Membership fee is $45.00, every year there after it is $35.00. Seniors (65 and older) are $20.00.

This is a club website and open to any suggestions.

Please take the time to introduce a child, family member or  friend to the hunting or shooting sports.