Green Hills Sportsmen's Club

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Rules and Regulations.

The club has gone to great lengths to insure your safety and the safety of the neighboring community. Please be considerate of the folks who live around the club. 


  1. This range is limited to the use of members only.
  2. Sign into the logbook prior to and after the use of the range.
  3. All shooting must be done in a safe manner.
  4. Shooting Hours are 8:00 am to sunset.  Please be considerate of the club neighbors. If the outside light near the clubhouse comes on , its too late too be shooting. 
  5. While shooting you must post your membership card.
  6. Anyone using the range that is not a member, will face prosecution.
  7. Anyone intentionally shooting into the target frames will lose membership.
  8. No Hunting on Club property.
  9. Anyone not abiding by the rules and regulations will lose thier membership. 


  1. Permitted firearms are manually operated and semi automatic rifles,handguns, shotguns and muzzle loaders. Automatic weapons or devices used to make weapons fire automatic are strictly prohibited.
  2. No 50 BMG or tracer ammunition due to containing the 50 BMG and fire risk from tracers.
  3. Absolutely no shooting at targets on the ground between designated shooting back stops. Any other targets must be placed at the foot of the bank. ie. Metalic silhouettes.
  4. Shoot only at designated target holders. No firearms at the Archery range or rifles at the pistol range.
  5. Shooting at anything other than paper targets is Strictly prohibited. No cans, bottles , cinder blocks, boards etc.
  6. Shoot only st the targets from the designated benches. Benches are marked for the range that can be used for.
  7. No portable or hand traps. The cage must be used.
  8. There is a 30 mnute time limit when other members are waiting to use the range.
  9. Deposit all trash in the cans provided. All trash will be disposed of after using the range, casings, patches etc.
  10. Anyone destroying club property will be dimissed and face prosecution.
  11. All shooters must check down range for shooters hanging targets prior to shooting.
  12. Obey 10 mph. speed limit.
  13. Cartridges that do not fire are not to be thrown in the trash or left on the ground. These cartridges are to be remove from club property or places in DUD containers
  14. All Memberships Must be Paid by March Each Year or a late fee will be assessed.

Please take the time to introduce a child, family member or  friend to the hunting or shooting sports.